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Stop renting your house from your landlord and start owning with HomeNow. We’ll give you a budget, so we can buy your dream home near you or your desired location, for you to live in. Discover the convenience and opportunity of rent-to-own homes near you, and start your journey toward homeownership today!

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4 simple steps to get you onto the housing ladder

<span>Choose</span> your ideal home

Choose your ideal home

You choose your ideal home near you or at your desired location from any property currently available for sale that is within budget to start your rent to own home journey.

<span>Buy</span> your house

Buy your house

Once approved, we will buy the property for you and pay associated costs. We will support you through the entire negotiation process.

<span>Move</span> into your new home.

Move into your new home.

You sign a 5 year tenancy agreement, fix your rent and move into your new home. You are safe in the knowledge that there are no unforeseen rent hikes and you will have the option to buy in the future.

<span>Share</span> in the house price increase

Share in the house price increase

After 5 years you have an option to buy the property from us, receiving one third of the increase to use as a contribution towards your mortgage deposit to buy your home from us.

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Too Good To Be True?

Hear from our no deposit home buy residents.

Jacques & Laura Serfontein

Jacques & Laura Serfontein

Rent to buy dream home in Kent

"Our personal experience with... Homenow has been only one word, exceptional. If I could write it with BIG LETTERS I would. HomeNow guided us all the way through and kept us up to date all the way from day 1. Until the day we moved in HomeNow were there to help us with anything and made us feel like we are someone that Homenow wanted to help."

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 Richard & Lisa Chapman

Richard & Lisa Chapman

Rent to buy ideal home in Surrey

“We chose the HomeNow scheme for: security of a 5-year tenancy, fixed rent, the financial benefits, choice and the opportunity to the own the property we are living in. Everything has been we managed by HomeNow.”

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Emma & David McGuire

Emma & David McGuire

Rent to buy perfect home in Birmingham

"The HomeNow team has been fantastic. This has been so different to what we have been used to. Choosing our own fixtures and furnishings, honestly for the first couple of weeks I didn’t feel like I deserved it but now I know we do.

We will always be grateful to HomeNow and love our beautiful home. Thank you.”

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Key Questions

Have a look through some of our frequently asked questions for our no deposit homes to buy homeownership service.

Can I still apply if I have adverse credit (CCJs, IVAs, Defaults etc)?
What happens if my circumstances change and I need to leave?
What happens if house prices don’t increase over five years?
What properties can I choose from?
Can you buy shared ownership properties through the scheme?