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Case Study Jacques and Laura Serfontein

Jacques and Laura Serfontein
Jacques and Laura Serfontein
40 to 45
Walderslade, Kent
Renting for over 10 years
    Jacques and Laura had grown tired of renting having had to move a number of times within the last 10 years, costing over £1,250 on each occasion
    Jacques and Laura were looking for a long-term solution and an opportunity to make their next house feel more like a family home.
HomeNow: We’d like to get to know you better. Please tell us about your family/home situation that caused you to look for an alternative to traditional home buying/rental.
Jacques and Laura: We are a family of four, married with two children and had to move rental properties a number of times in the last 10 years. We came across HomeNow which gave us the opportunity to look at properties available for sale rather than just for rent . We were looking to find a property that suited our needs which we found. The Estate agent was brilliant and once we advised HomeNow that we were interested in the property they dealt with everything. HomeNow made sure everything was clearly set out regarding what was expected from us and them.

HomeNow received the keys earlier that anticipated though let us have the keys but we agreed not to move in prior to our date, which allowed us to paint the rooms and make the property feel like ours. I made HomeNow aware of everything we were doing to the property just to keep them up to date.

Once again, I would like to everyone involved that made our dream come true it now feels like our house.
HomeNow: Please provide more information on your previous rental properties - were they in good condition? Would you have preferred to be choosing from the “for sale” stock rather than the “for rent” stock? If so, why? Please add any other details you think are relevant.
Jacques and Laura: We rented from two landlords.

Landlord 1: The landlord did not bother about the upkeep of the property. He sold the property without us knowing.

Landlord 2: The property was surrounded by trees and birds were a problem, to the extent we couldn’t sit in the garden .
HomeNow: Have you ever felt the properties you rented were your “home”?
Jacques and Laura: Properties didn’t feel like home. Examples were the carpets were cheap and it didn’t feel like it was ours.
HomeNow: If you have been asked to move from a property before you were ready to, please let us know the effect this had on your family. Were you always conscious you may be asked to move on at the end of your tenancy? Were you ever able to get a feeling of long-term security while renting? Please feel free to also include how this affected your family on an emotional level.
Jacques and Laura: We were given a month to find another property, it caused stress and arguments which was not caused by our doing. We had to take the first rental property which became available to us.
HomeNow: What were your own biggest challenges to being able to save enough for a house deposit?
Jacques and Laura: Raising the required mortgage deposit while paying expensive rent.
HomeNow: What first attracted you to the HomeNow proposition?
Jacques and Laura: In order of importance:

1. Choosing my own home
2. The opportunity to own the property you are living in after 5 years
3. Rent no longer dead money
4. Security of a 5-year tenancy
5. Financial security of 5-year fixed rent
6. Sharing in the house price increase
HomeNow: Given your experience of HomeNow to date, how can we improve the experience of helping you (or others) to rent then buy your own home?
Jacques and Laura: Our personal experience with Tim from Homenow has been only one word, exceptional. If I could write it with big Letters I would. HomeNow guided us all the way through and kept us up to date all the way from day 1. Until the day we moved in HomeNow were there to help us with anything and made us feel like we are someone that Homenow wanted to help

The only thing I would say is that to research the area and prices before you go and look at the properties. I could not praise the service and help enough. I appreciate everything HomeNow and Tim has done for us.