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Struggling to get a foot on the property ladder?


Choose a smart alternative to traditional renting.

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How it works

4 simple steps to help get you onto the housing ladder

Choose your ideal home with

Robinson Michael & Jackson

HomeNow buy the house for you to rent

You choose your ideal home from any property currently for sale with Robinson Michael & Jackson.

HomeNow work with Robinson Michael & Jackson, instruct a survey, negotiate and purchase the property, paying all associated costs. 

Move into your new home

Share in the house price increase

You sign a 5 year tenancy agreement, and move into your new Robinson Michael & Jackson home. You are safe in the knowledge you will be there for 5 years and the monthly cost is fixed for 5 years. No unforeseen rent hikes.

 After 5 years you receive up to one third of the increase in value. We hope you use this money as a contribution towards your mortgage deposit to buy your home from HomeNow.


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“We thought a home like this was always out of our reach, HomeNow made it possible. We now have the security of a 5-year tenancy, fixed rent for the whole period and we get to share in any increase in value. We will always be grateful to HomeNow and we love our beautiful new home”

—  Emma & David

Sounds Interesting?

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The Benefits of HomeNow

Choose your home from the Robinson Michael & Jackson "For Sale" stock

Share in the increase in your home's value

Fixed rent with no increases for 5 years

Security of a 5 year tenancy

Choose your future home with no need for a mortgage deposit

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